TMJ Dentist In San DiegoA TMJ disorder is a condition that is difficult to diagnose and then provide treatment for. Many health care providers see patients with a wide range of health conditions but they do not make the connection that the source of the problem may be a disorder of the TMJ. After doing research on the internet for the symptoms a person has, they may come to the conclusion they need to find a TMJ specialist in order to find out if this is what is causing their problems.

The intent of these patients is good and well meaning. However people who may have TMJ syndrome need to know that one of the primary health care providers that can help is a dentist with proper training. This is often someone called a neuromuscular dentist. The problem is that these types of dentists are not permitted to call themselves a TMJ specialist. So, if someone types in this term into a search engine then people with different types of qualifications may appear. This can be a problem when looking for someone with significant training in this area.

A neuromuscular dentist has hundreds of hours of training in how to diagnose this condition and then treat this condition. They have also often made a significant investment into elaborate equipment to diagnose and treat the problem.

Some of the problems treated includes different forms of headaches and migraines. Pain in the head, face, jaw and neck can also be treated. Pain in the back might also be treated.

Problems with the ears is often treated as well. This would include tinnitus and ringing sounds in the ears. Dizziness would be a related condition too.

Jaw pain and problems with opening and closing the jaw are also related to this condition.